Lion House Dinner Rolls and French Bread Rolls

I decided to bake up two different roll recipes today. I have wanted to make both for some time now and being indecisive, I decided to go with it! The Lion House Dinner Rolls are definitely more fluffy and decadent. I also found them easier to shape than the French Bread Rolls. With the Lion House Rolls you simply roll out the dough, slice, and roll into shape. The French Bread Rolls required a little more work getting into the perfect ball shape. Both are good recipes, with the Lion House Roll being decadent and more impressive in appearance. Both recipes come from Mel’s Kitchen Café.


Lion House Dinner Rolls

Here are the two recipes:
Lion House Dinner Rolls
French Bread Rolls

A few notes: While I did not modify either recipe, I did use the full amount of flour (if not a little more) for both rolls. The Lion House rolls rose beautifully both times. The French Bread Rolls did not rise as much either time. If I make the French Bread Rolls again I will let them rise more to get a better crumb.


French Bread Rolls

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